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Welcome to Beautonia

Relieve back pain and loosen up knots with an at-home massage.  We offer services in Essex and East London and will come to your home for convenience.

Beautonia at home spa treatments

Experience ultimate relaxation with our luxurious massage and treatment services in the comfort of your home. Antonia is a  highly trained therapist and provides a personalized attention to make you feel special. We offer rejuvenating experiences in Essex and East London with exceptional customer service. Book your appointment today to escape everyday stress.

Relaxing Massage
Face Mask
Shaved Legs
Pink Banana, White Nails

Luxurious at-home spa treatment service in Essex and East London!

To book an appointment simply send me a message to my phone number at +44 7940 655797

Treatment list

Beautonia Million Dollar facials

The Million Dollar Facial is a skin treatment that works on the outer layers of your skin. It aims to exfoliate dead skin cells, eliminate non-terminal hair, and polish the skin's surface. This treatment can also help flush out toxins, boost collagen production, and encourage cell renewal.

The Ultimate Million Dollar Facial


Need fabulous results, fast?  The million Dollar Facial is an advanced, ten step facial which works your skin from the outside in. I will use a combination of high-tech treatments including Dermaplanning, Micro needling, Lymphatic Drainage and Icey Globes to flush out toxins, stimulate natural collagen and natural turnover and help treat conditions such as puffiness, breakouts, rosacea and pigmentation.

The Million Dollar Microneedling Facial


A real power house for results. Micro needling is an advanced clinical treatment designed for instant skin rejuvenation. The procedure uses sterile micro-needles to prick the skin, to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer and more toned skin. With little pain or discomfort I will use a Microneedle Derma roller to improve and treat conditions such as acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and pigmentation.

The Million Dollar Microneedling Facial


An advanced clinical exfoliation treatment that immediately rejuvenates the skin. I will use a sterile micro-blade with professional Million Dollar Facial products to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Stimulating collagen synthesis, the Million Dollar Dermaplaning treatment will leave your skin with a healthy radiant glow.

The Million Dollar Eliminate Peel


A deeply calming and healing peel for skin suffering from breakouts, inflammation or other blemishes and irritations. Ideal for restoring a more even, healthy glow to oily, spot prone skin.  Contains: Lactic Acid 12%, Salicylic Acid 2%, Niacinamide 5%, Vitamin B5 3%,  Beta Glucan 3% and Hyaluronic Acid 2%.

The Million Dollar Rejuvenate Peel 


A skin-plumping, deeply hydrating treatment to specifically help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It targets loss of skin elasticity, pigmentation, dryness and oxidative stress caused by lifestyle and pollution. Contains: 39% Glycolic Acid, 6% Pythic Acid, 2% Kojic Acid and 15% Hyaluronic Acid.

- Buy a pack of 7 sessions -

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Available for massages and facials

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Give the gift of beauty with our Gift Cards!

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Treat them to the ultimate beauty experience with our Gift Cards. Simply let me know the amount you wish to give and I can create a Gift card that I can post to you or you can pick up

About Section

About Antonia

Antonia Davies, has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, helping people to look and feel amazing. Trained in London to gain an NVQ level 3 in beauty & holistic therapy, specialising as facial technician, and continually training and offering many more of the latest, most effective treatments.


With Having worked in some of the Londons most prestigious salons in Belgravia and South Kensington working to the highest standards Antonia is able to offer a premium holistic service.


Antonia has been attuned to Reiki and uses the healing energy in her massages and even facials. Recently after having a facial a client said “this feels like it’s good for the soul”. Also known to clients as the “feel good fairy” Antonia has many regular massage clients that will no longer go anywhere else because she has the right amount of pressure for those who need and want it, but with extensive relaxing massage techniques to take you away and leave you feeling truly pampered and recharged. You will not be disappointed when you lie on her coach.


Antonia moved to Essex when she had her daughter and when it was time to go back to work she decided it was time to start a new chapter working for herself, mobile. Giving her a great opportunity to make people feel and look amazing in the comfort of their own home. Helping her clients to unlock their inner beauty is Antonia’s passion and she loves what she does.

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Products I use

I only use the best products that will  elevate your self-care routine and indulge in a spa-like experience within the comfort of your own home.

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Million Dollar facial

Million Dollar facial products are a luxurious and high-end skincare line that aims to deliver exceptional results and an indulgent experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these products combine cutting-edge technology, premium ingredients.

Decleor new_range_400ml-1024x646.jpeg


Decleor's  facial products are synonymous with luxurious and effective skincare. With a rich heritage rooted in aromatherapy and botanical expertise, Decleor combines the power of essential oils and natural ingredients to deliver exceptional results.

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Weleda facial products are a line of natural skincare solutions designed to promote healthy and radiant skin. They are free from synthetic fragrances, colors, and preservatives, making them suitable for sensitive skin.

See if I cover your area for home spa treatment service in Essex and East London!

Booking an appointment is easy. You can simply send me a message or give me a call.  07940 655797

London Postcodes I cover for at home spa treatment

Please contact me for areas close to the ones included in the list as I may consider for a small fee or if I am doing several people/treatments I may travel further.


It is also £50 minimum spend

RM1,RM2, RM3, RM4, RM5,RM6, RM7, RM8, RM9, RM10, RM11, RM12, RM13, RM14, RM15, RM16, RM17, RM18, RM19, RM20


DA1,DA2, DA3, DA4, DA5, DA6, DA7, DA8, DA9, DA10, DA11, DA12, DA13, DA14, DA15, DA16, DA17, DA18


SS6, SS7,SS8, SS11, SS12, SS14, SS15,SS16, SS17


BR1, BR2, BR5, BR6, BR7, BR8


SE2, SE3, SE6, SE7, SE9, SE10, SE12, SE28 


E3, E6, E10, E11, E12, E13, E13, E15, E20       


IG1, IG2, IG3, IG4, IG5, IG6, IG11          


“Antonia was fantastic, really friendly and adapted to my sore back. I would book again in a heart beat”

Jack - East London

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